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Re: windows 98 peer-to-peer networking

From: Shane Ryan
email: shane11r@mailroom.com
Date: 09 Jan 2000
Time: 04:11:28
Remote Name:


I have the exact same card with close to the exact same problems 2 comps win 98 win 98 p90 p350 fat 16 fat 32 (does it matter) smc elite 16t (both)

I can get the p90 to send a winpopup message to the p350 but not vice versa and if i only have ipx protocall bound to my card i can get my p350 to see but not acess the p90

Netdiag and ping (when i have tcpip) dont work

I went to smc home page and for each ethernet card it provides a driver for differnt os and a diag/setup program for each card except there was no diag.setup program for mine

sharing is enabled with recources shared on both coms different names all that is right ( i ought t o know i am nearly a n expert at peer to peer networking ) becaue ive visitecd so many web pages

any help would be apresiated

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