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Re: System Resources

From: Paul
email: youhere@hotmail.com
Date: 08 Jan 2000
Time: 21:48:29
Remote Name:


There's 2 ways (as far as I know) to get more system resourses free

1. get more resourses. eg more memory etc. 2. free up resourses. this means closing programs and in some cases freeing hard drive space as it can be used as temporary memory. try pressing ctrl-alt-delete once. it should bring up a menu with a list of all programs running including hidden ones. explorer and systray are the only required ones although others may be doing other important things such as virus scanning, or keyboard hot keys. Many are probably doing nothing of use to you. You can select one and click end task to shut it down although you should realize that if you do this to a program your working in it you'll lose you work as well you may lose some function such as the keyboard hot keys. You shouldn't worry though all those programs will be restarted next time you restart but if you don't want them too it usually means some registry editing. e-mail me if you need more info.

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