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Re: Attaching RJ-45 end to voice cord

From: Larry
Date: 07 Jan 2000
Time: 09:57:22
Remote Name:


I see... I haven't done that... I just tried a MODEM cable with a 2-wire RJ-11 on a network hub and adapter. It fits about as tight as an RJ-45 and I don't see that an RJ45 would make much difference. As I see it, you would use the center 2 - 6 pins in an RJ-45. The RJ-11 with two wires uses the center two wires in the RJ-45, four-wire uses the center four, etc. To be sure, I would hold a wired RJ-11 up to an RJ-45 to see where on the 45 the wires go. This assumes the RJ-45 is wired accordingly; which, I guess, it must if it is presently working with RJ-11's... Larry

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