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CD-Rom not functioning to install windows 98 to hard drive

From: Chad Burke
email: Loquacious_boy@yahoo.com
Date: 06 Jan 2000
Time: 09:28:44
Remote Name:


Hello, Well, I have just attempted to assemble a computer for myself for the first time. I bought a FIC VX98 Mother board With a 233mhz MMX CPU. I put it in the case, put the ram in (40MB), put the video card in, and plugged in the disk drive, hard drive, and CD-Rom drive using the manual to make sure that everything was properly installed. I set all of the jumpers to the proper settings, and then I turned it on. It boots up and shows the CPU mhz, the ram, and then begins to auto detect.It recognizes the Hard drive ( a seagate 214 MB drive, Witch I will be replacing with a 2.4 GB SCSI drive as soon as I get a controller card) as a primary slave drive, then it recognizes the Cd-Rom as the secondary slave drive. From here it proceeds to a screen that shows all of the items that are on the motherboard, ram, drives,ect... and begins to boot to MS Dos. I Have tried to load windows 3.1 and find the CD-Rom, but still have had no luck. I do not know how to install windows 98 second addition that I have on CD, from here, I am stuck. The CD-Rom is a 52x Cd-rom made by Top Glory, it came with no setup disks, but the computer recognizes that it is there. If you could be of any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chad

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