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Re: Problems with Surecom EP-325 Ethernet Adapter

From: Larry
Date: 19 Dec 1999
Time: 10:56:35
Remote Name:


A. Forget the coax. However, if you use coax it should be RG-58/AU. AU. There must be T connectors on both of the Adapters to which the cable attaches. 50 ohm coax terminators must be attached to other ends of the T's. You should be using a crossover cable. Is your CAT 5 crossover cable properly or is it really a straight-thru cable. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable1.htm. Hold both ends of the cable side-by-side with the clips facing away from you. If they are identical and wired properly, it is a straight-thru cable and will not work. Some adapters have to be jumpered for twisted-pair or coax calbes, others automatically detect the media, and still others are set for the type of media with the software that comes on the floppy with the adapter. If your adapters are doing NE2000 emulation (older ISA adapters), Windows will assign them IRQ3. This can cause a confilct with COM2: or your MODEM. Try assigning them IRQ 11 with software or jumper and setting your motherboard CMOS IRQ 11 to ISA/Legacy. If the cables are right, you don't have an IRQ conflict, and the adapters are properly configured, then you probably have a bad adapter. Larry

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