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Problems with Surecom EP-325 Ethernet Adapter

From: BJ
email: wgdale@tpgi.com.au
Date: 19 Dec 1999
Time: 01:13:48
Remote Name:


URGENT ADVICE NEEDED!!! I installed two of the Surecom adapters in my computers connected using a crossover cable. It passes all the diagnostics test except cable connection. The error message says that there's no cable or an incorrect connection. I've tried using a 2 different brand-new crossover cables which have been tested and are fine, and a coax one with BNC connectors, reseated the adapters in the PCI slots, but can't get rid of the problem. I've gone through the tutorial on the site, but it didn't give us any useful information on cable problems. Can anybody PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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