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Re: mvp3g2   w/amd k6   III    450mhz will no install win98se

From: Larry
Date: 17 Dec 1999
Time: 11:26:07
Remote Name:


Some of the K6-3's use a 2.4 core voltage. Look at the top of the CPU. Try another power supply. With all of the variations of hardware you have used I would guess the problem is probably not the computer (notice the caveats; I have not physically seen the computer). There is probably a big scratch or on the Win 98 CD. See http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q140/9/01.asp?LNG=ENG&SA=PER for other possibilites. Try copying the cab files to the hard disk and installing from there; see my How to Build an Athlon Computer, Part 8. Both boards will detect which kind of hard disk you are using and will work with ATA/33 and ATA/66 drives. The ATA/66 cable will work with an ATA/33 drive. Note that it the ends of the cable are labeled for the motherboard and drive. Over the years I have seen many hard problems like this and have solved most every one of them. The problem may be totally unobvious. I would have to have the computer on my bench to work this problem further. Larry

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