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Re: Win98SE Internet Connection Sharing dissables my internet access

From: w.brown
email: imcs@tco.net
Date: 12 Dec 1999
Time: 00:00:03
Remote Name:


Sounds like your nic is not assigned an ip adddress,Also,your browser may be configured to auto detect proxy settings,wich may throw your system off.If your host computer net card is properly installed and assigned you should be able to ping it from another workstation or from the gateway.May i make a suggestion? Do you have an older pentium or 486 box laying around? IP masquerading under linux allows static ip addressing of host addresses and is not a dhcp server setup like win98.It also allows each host to connect directly to the outside world with no proxy.meaning,you can still access your isp based email accounts and browse as if directly connected to the internet.IE:2 way communication! the linux gateway translates each outgoing packet address in either direction,resulting in a firewall secure environment,without the limitations in exchange.Each host attached to the gateway see's only the outside network,not a proxy server.Conversely the outside world see's only the ip address of the gateway machine.Your behind a firewall! Suse and redhat support ip masquerading,I prefer suse as it is easier to configure.You will need a 486dx33 or faster or any old pentium.A good controller based modem,ie: no winmodems or hsp types.jaton,bestdata and 3com are good sources.Network card for the gateway and a ethernet hub for connecting other hosts to your network.A good linux distro is cheap! 30-40 bucks and no usage limits.You can set up an army of boxes from the same software!Also,this methodology frees up your win 98 desktop from router duty,after all didnt you want to use it for other things? Minimum reqs for a linux router: any 486, 33mhz or faster.the faster the better,66dx2 is a good one.16meg of ram,fp,edo, any ide hdd you can dig up.Isa or pci, ne 2k compatible nics depending on what you run as a gateway.These cards are cheap,ie:less than 20 bucks and usually under 10!Forless than 150.00 you can have a dedicated router for your lan,it can be configured to dial automatically and it is absolutely rock solid stable.I am running a 486dx66,16meg,270meghdd,encore Isa ne2k nic,56Kjaton communicator Isa modem.This system serves three host stations and does a good job.Also,your ready for DSL with this setup,Just route it thru your gateway!Configuration possibilities are endless and cheap! Im not an expert by any means,but this solution has proven to be economical and reliable in a soho setup. Im not a windows detractor either,but with the increasing interest in soho networking shouldnt we look at operating systems that were designed to this end?Linux,unix,bsd,can do so much more than windows9x when it comes to network functions.Explore the possibilities! you and your pocketbook might be surprised!

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