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Re: How do I choose a Super 7 Mobo?

From: Larry
Date: 08 Dec 1999
Time: 09:11:13
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You don't. The days of the Super7 are nearing and end unless a new CPU appears (VIA might do that; they bought Cyrix from NCR). Wait for the next generation of Athlon mobos with via VIA Apollo KX133 chipset (http://www.viatech.com/products/prodkx133.htm). It has a 133 Mhz memory bus and AGP 4X. I expect to see boards with that chipset by the first quarter of 2000 and decreases in motherboard and Athlon prices. I do not overclock CPUs and do not recommend it. As for high-end graphics, the only ones I have recently played with are the Diamond V770 and V770 Ultra. See my series on How to Build Your own Athlon Computer for more on that. My review of the MSI MS-6167 motherboard has benchmarks for a system with the V770 Ultra. Larry

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