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creative dvd

From: JC
email: jalcazar@infoabc.com
Date: 07 Dec 1999
Time: 22:19:56
Remote Name:


Hi. I built a super 7 with almost all the parts you proposed and it worked great until a day when it wouldnīt recognize the cd, a Creative DVD 6x. It worked perfectly before, but all of a sudden it was a mess. So after configuration and getting into drivers stuff I got to the point to format my machine and still, the cd couldnīt be recognized. So I tested the drive with other machine and it worked normal. So the drive is not the problem and the IDE port is not either, because I changed it with the HDD port in the motherboard and the problem persisted. Amazingly I changed the cable (IDE ATAPI) and it worked, but after a few hours the problem began again. PLEEEEAAASE. You are the only one who could help me with the AMDK6UPD file, and I know you will help me with this. Thanks a lot JC

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