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CD ROM  using restart

From: Hawk
email: chamb47@wworx.net
Date: 03 Dec 1999
Time: 22:28:06
Remote Name:


Problems in Waterville,ME. Larry love your sight.Used some of your knowledge and built a super 7. Epox G2 board, K-6 III 400. Viper 770 Ultra, 128 meg pc100 ram, sound blaster live value, 15 gig IBM Deskstar UDMA 66.Action Tech call Waiting modem.AND Acer 50x cdrom.Win 98 sec edition. This has happened a couple of times and I think only when I load the UDMA IDE drivers.But now whenever restart ,whether through windows or my restart button, my cd rom isnt recognize.The boot up says primary master:IBM...etc, primary slave....none, sec master none, sec slave..none.Now if I power it down and turn it back on it notices it. Secondary slave...atapi 50x .Then in the sytem cd rom properties the disconnect (SCSI?)is checked. Beginnig drive is blank but the first option is E: instead of D:? Please help!Also any Bios settings would be great.Also couldnt download that(XSTORE PRO. drivers.Highpoint)

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