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Installing RJ-45

From: K. Young
email: Ghost_006@hotmail.com
Date: 29 Nov 1999
Time: 15:44:17
Remote Name:


Hey y'all. I'm trying to install a LAN network at an office (emphasis - trying) and I need some major help. Essentially, I started from scratch with bare RJ-45 wires sticking out of the walls. Then, I went about with the task of crimping the wires at the hub into jacks, which seemed to go allright. Next, I connected the various bare wires at their respective locations to wall sockets. Disaster struck when I tried connecting two computers together through the hub. Only one of the lights on the hub (intel 5-port) lit up, which I took to mean that only one computer was actually connected. After checking the wiring and recrimping several connections, I still couldn't find the problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

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