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Sharing one way cable modem with small Lan.

From: John
email: jvarga@mediaone.net
Date: 16 Nov 1999
Time: 18:43:45
Remote Name:


Hi Lenny, I can't get this thing to share the internet. Referencing your article; "How to Share a Cable MODEM with Windows 98 Second Edition", I inserted the required input into NIC2(my Cable company requires me to manually insert my IP Address; Subnet Mask; Gateway Address; Primary and Secondary DNS values to get online). NIC2, Modem and Internet work fine. NIC1 uses IP Autoconfiguration, blank subnet& gateway, but it picks up the DNS values from NIC2. The second computers NIC uses IP Autoconfiguration, blank subnet and DNS. In the gateway I tried NIC2's IP Address, NIC2's Gateway, and ICS's auto assigned IP address. None of these work. However the network between the two computers work. Help!!! John

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