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Re: udma33/66 (and the Athlon)

From: Larry
Date: 15 Nov 1999
Time: 14:31:02
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I see no or very little difference with the EpoX MVP3G2 ATA/66 board and a 6.4 GB, 5400 RPM drive. See my review: http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/MBs/Epox/mvp3g2/mvp3g2.htm. I do see a very(!) noticeable performance increase with the MSI MS-6167 Athlon board, 650 Mhz Athlon, and a 27.3 GB, 7200 RPM Western Digital drive. But these are preliminary findings and I really can't tell if it is 7,200 RPM, ATA/66, CPU, Motherboard, BIOS, chipset, or a combination of all of them. I think it's a combination. I have not got enough time to determine what factors are influencing it more than others. It would take days. If it will make you feel better I have the G2 board, 5400 RPM drive, and K6-2 400 processor in my computer and your computer is proably a little faster. But that won't be the case for very long. I have my eye on an Athlon. Stay tuned for a bunch of articles. The Athlon rules! Larry

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