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"Data eating floppy drive"

From: Robert Burmeister
email: Robert4390@Aol.com
Date: 14 Nov 1999
Time: 22:21:39
Remote Name:


Have you ever run into a 1.44 floppy drive that ruins boot disks? I have a new Abit BP6 MB and new everything, including floppy. It posts fine, everything on the bios report looks fine, and, when we get to the boot part, it says disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter. I know it is a good (or was!) boot disk. I put the disk in the floppy on my good machine, and it is trashed, you know, abort, retry, etc. I made another disk and the same thing happened??? Bad floppy drive? (new). This is driving me nuts... again. Thank you.

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