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Re: CD-ROM drive installation

From: Larry
email: lbyard@duxcw.net
Date: 14 Nov 1999
Time: 10:55:27
Remote Name:


Make sure the flat cable going to the CD-ROM is plugged-in correctly: red strip towards the power connector on the CD-ROM and towards pin one on the motherboard. This is probably the reason the system won't boot. Run the Creative sound card DOS setup (believe it is DIAG or something like that) software and deactivate the CD-ROM interface on the sound card. Edit the config.sys and autoexec.bat and remove the old CD-ROM device driver and the MSCDEX line referring to that driver. I usually leave the CD-ROM set as a slave on the Secondary IDE. This works with most motherboards. Master is OK. If the CD-ROM is capable of UDMA (most are nowadays) activate DMA in the Device Manager, the CD-ROM, properties, settings. Larry

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