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Windows 95 won't  install/ previous installations hang on boot up

From: Daniel Doty
email: Daniel_Doty@georgetowncollege.edu
Date: 13 Nov 1999
Time: 09:54:57
Remote Name:


I have had no success either installing windows 95, or properly booting up windows 95 that was installed while hard drive was connected to another system.

I've tried with Western Digital 23 GB and Quantum 13GB ATA/66 drives and also with a Fujitsu 1GB EIDE hard drive. The memory was borrowed from the good system. I tried both 64MB and 128MB SDRAM memory with a -8 extention on the memory identification numbers, and both PC100 compatible (Toshiba TC59S6408CFT-80 128MB & Siemens HYB39s64800AT-8). The motherboard has an AMD KII 400MHz processor installed. I've also tried a connection where everything except the processor and motherboard were from the working system, also with no success.

What could be causing the problem?

- Daniel Doty

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