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Network slow but only ONE WAY

From: Don
email: donngo@starmail.com
Date: 12 Nov 1999
Time: 12:48:20
Remote Name:


I have networked two Win98 Systems. Everything works fine, "net diag /status " & "ping" commands work fine i can transfer files between the two computers, i can play games using IPX/SPX, etc.

However, my transfer rate from one computer to the other flies (eg. 100 megs in a few minutes) but the other way around is so much slower (eg. copying 5 megs in 31 minutes).

Has anyone had a problem like this before or know how to fix it? i would appreciate this so much.

Im am using TCP/IP assigning an static IP ( I have installed the following: * Client for MS Networks * Dial up Adapter * Realtek RTL Ethernet Adapter * TCP/IP -> Dial up adapter * TCP/IP -> Realtek Adapter * IPX/SPX -> Realtek Adapter * File and printer sharing for MS Networks



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