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Re: ambulance alarm sounding from case

From: Larry
Date: 10 Nov 1999
Time: 11:04:50
Remote Name:


Your CPU is probably overheating! The condition can cause serious damage to the CPU, motherboard, and even the heat sink! The motherboard has two heat sensors (thermisters), one for the system and one in the middle of the CPU socket. You can see the temperatures and alarm threshold settings in the CMOS setup (also, see http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/MBs/Epox/usdm.htm and http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Software/Utility/mbmon.htm for motherboard monitoring software). Since the alarm is going away, I would guess the CPU fan has a bad bearing, which you should be able to hear. A cable may have fallen into the fan and is popping out--not likely. The fan in your power supply may be bad. You may have the alarm threshold set too low. Reload your CMOS defaults in the CMOS Setup. Check AMD's site for thermo guidelines for the CPU. Don't use CPU fans with a sleeve bearing. Buy a quality fan. Thermo grease under the heat sink would help, but I don't use it for socket 7 CPU's. I use heat sinks with a thermo-conductive plastic on the bottom of the heat sink. Do not use canned, compressed air to clean a fan when it is running. It is so cold it can damage the bearing, etc. You may need an additional chassis fan (or a better case) if the computer is really loaded. Larry

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