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Transfer Files from Old Hard Drive

From: BF
email: bfhome3@aol.com
Date: 07 Nov 1999
Time: 19:38:16
Remote Name:


I have a 2-year old computer that has serious problems with the mother board, processor, etc., and as a gesture of goodwill, the dealer from whom I purchased it is giving me a good deal on a new computer even though the old one is no longer under warranty.

The dealer will take the old computer, and will disassemble it and sell used parts, such as the modem, CR-ROM, case, hard drive, etc.

The hard drive is good, but it has a number of programs that I will be installing on the new computer. So, I want to take the programs off the old hard drive so that the licenses won't be violated. How can I do this if I can't get the old computer to run?

Also, there are a few files on the old hard drive that I'd like to transfer to the new computer - files that were created or updated since my last backup of the old hard drive. Is there a way that I can retrieve those files and copy them to the new computer, even though I can't start up the old computer?


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