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X-Store Pro

From: Mike
email: mlstrick@bellsouth.net
Date: 06 Nov 1999
Time: 03:36:00
Remote Name:


Hey Lar, I read your great review on the EP-MVP3G-M which swayed me to buy this board for my K6-3. I went to the Highpoint site, but could not download the X-Store Pro driver for EPoX as they don't seem to be available any more. I did manage to hunt around in the EPoX ftp page and find them listed as Epox120. My question is, how do I go about installing these drivers? Should I uninstall the VIA drivers and then install the X-Store Pro? Have you had a chance to test these out on this board & chip setup? And also, is the Epox120 file only an update for the Epox_11 file listed on the same ftp page? I found it strange that EPoX makes no mention of these drivers anywhere on their site. Thanx for any help.

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