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From: Gary
email: gtoth@jhancock.com
Date: 05 Nov 1999
Time: 16:03:47
Remote Name:


I had a similar issue with NT4 SP-5 and a 16-bit ISA soundcard. Every time I tried to install the drivers, the sounds would be expanded from say 1 seocnd to 8 seconds with skips in between.

After a lot of tinkering, I found this solution. Whether or not it will work for you is unknown, but here it is:

- Install and activate Plug-and-Play in NT services - Reboot - Enter BIOS setup - Activate "O/S P-n-P Compatible" in BIOS - Reboot - Drivers should install as hardware is "found" by Windows - Manually disable P-n-P in NT Services (or Windows will ask for drivers each time at bootup) - Reboot - Enter BIOS - De-activate "O/S is P-n-P Compatible" in BIOS - Reboot and go

As I said, it may not be a universal fix (and the BIOS must have a P-n-P Yes/no entry, but most do nowadays), but it saved my butt. Good luck!

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