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Article on 250mb internal zip

From: Glenn
email: gjdalton@bellatlantic.com
Date: 22 Oct 1999
Time: 15:22:55
Remote Name:


Larry, In your article on the Iomega 250mb Zip you mention a section on the Via chipset having a problem with your drive. You then mention you went back to the default drivers included with Win98. Buried deep in Via's website is a section on running Via chipset on Win 98. They recommend only installing the Via specific AGP drivers and Via IRQ drivers. They mention earlier on about installing the busmaster drivers but this is definitley not a good idea. I experienced many odd happenings running two CD-ROM drives and two hard disks. They also mention you do not need to install the IRQ routing drivers. This is also not sound advice. Running Win98 SE I could not use my modem until I installed the IRQ routing driver from their page. Turn on USB even if you do not have the adapter installed. It will save a world of headaches.

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