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Re: Installing Windows 98

From: Larry
Date: 22 Oct 1999
Time: 10:26:59
Remote Name:


Dave, I would start all over. fdisk and remove the partition, reboot, create a new partition, and format. Before starting the Win 98 install his time, pull all of the boards in the computer except the display adapter. If you can get a good install, put the boards back in one at time, have Windows detect them, and install the software, one-at-time. If that doesn't work slow the machine down (reduce the CPU clock speed) and try again. You may have any number of hardware problems: bad memory, bad motherboard, IRQ conflicts, etc. It could be a virus, but I doubt it. You could download Mcafee's (http://download.mcafee.com/eval/evaluate.asp#anti-virus) DOS scan and run it from a floppy after formatting the drive. If this doen't work, please come back and tell me more about your hardware. The procedure does work. I've done it many many times and did it on my machine yesterday. Larry

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