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Re: New Win98 Install and problems with secondary IDE/cdrom

From: Larry
Date: 22 Oct 1999
Time: 09:56:44
Remote Name:


What a mess! You have three high-speed devices sharing IRQ 9. It's a wonder the computer boots at all... You could disable USB if you aren't using it. If you aren't using the serial ports, you could disable them and assign them PCI/PnP. There is a limit to the number of boards and devices one can have in a computer and you may have reached the point where some very creative IRQ sharing and figeting by an expert is require. SCSI and high-end video boards usually make that even harder. If it were me, I would get rid of the SCSI devices/put them a file server; they boot too slow for my taste anyway. I would suggest taking your computer to a competent technician and have him or her fix it. I would have to have it here and on my bench for noticeable time... This is not the kind of problem which can usually be handled by E-Mail because when you change one thing a new problem is likely to result. In short, Plug 'n Prey can be more like art than science. Larry

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