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Network Questions

From: John B
email: j_bays@SoftHome.net
Date: 22 Oct 1999
Time: 00:43:31
Remote Name:


I just switched from Dial-up to @home cable. I had my two computers networked using MS ICS from Win98 SE.with 2 nic cards and crossover cable. The tech who installed my cable moden killed my lil network.I will be trying to restore it with what I seen in guide section of this site. (BTW>>> Great site and Thx) Basicly trying to keep kiddies on thier computer.

Guess my qustion is based on security and do I need to buy firewall software? Also (here comes stupid one ;-) ) What do I do with file and printer sharing? It needs to be set to share to have network ....doesn't it? Is MS password enough?

I'm trying to learn as I do and could use any help.


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