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Re: Mixing 5v SIMMs and 3.3v DIMMs

From: Larry
Date: 20 Oct 1999
Time: 08:05:36
Remote Name:


Robert, I don't know of any and I wouldn't buy an old motherboard to save 32 MB of SIMMs. Sell them now and buy PC-100 memory when the price drops. Prices have started to drop... In fact, I wouldn't buy a Baby At motherboard to save a Baby At case and power supply. See: http://duxcw.com/digest/guides/buymb/intro.htm. The days of the Socket 7 motherboard are going to end very soon unless AMD introduces a new Socket 7 CPU with the Athlon floating point processor, which is a possibility and something I would like to see. The socket 7 era will end as soon as the 500 Mhz Athlon drops below about $140 and Athlon motherboards drop to about $110. I think that is matter of months--possibly this year. Larry

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