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Windows 98 Startup Disk

From: Juli
email: julivon@netzero.net
Date: 18 Oct 1999
Time: 02:08:07
Remote Name:


I am tryiing to reformat my hard drive. I made a startup disk but when I boot using it, run into a problem.

I have Windows 98 and two hard drives; my main drive, C, and a second hard drive, D. When I use the startup disk it boots up to my D drive not my main C drive. I am confused by this and don't know what to do. Whenever I switch to C it only reads my D drive. Or at least whenever I type "dir" after my C prompt I get a list of the contents I have stored on my D drive. It has D as the MS - RAMDRIVE.

My CD ROM is assigned E, which is what I have it set as anyway.

Can you tell me what to do about this?


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