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Failure to boot properly from cold

From: Steve Lee
email: steve@leezome.u-net.com
Date: 17 Oct 1999
Time: 06:55:21
Remote Name:


Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me solve a frustrating problem. I recently built myself a new PC, based on a BH6 board with a PII400, running Win98 2nd. Edition. About half the time I try and boot it from cold, the machine progresses through the normal startup sequence, alternating between the Win98 splash screens and the old 'DOS' type display. Then, when it should go over to the desktop background screen ( at the point where it asks me to log on to the network that I have here at home ) it just dies. I have to use the reset button, wait for the Windows 98 Start Menu screen, select option 1 ( normal boot ) and then off it will go. Once I have booted successfully the PC runs fine and seems to be quite stable, and from this point I can restart as often as I like with no problems. The trouble only happens when it has been switched off again, and then not every time. Can anyone suggest where I might look for the source of this annoying problem? Also, to tide me over for the time being, how do I change the default in the Windows 98 Startup Menu from no. 3 ( Safe Mode ) to no. 1 ( Normal )? Thanks in advance, Steve Lee.

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