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On-line gaming using Win98 SE ICS (2 B or Not 2 B ??)

From: Clash
email: jeff_prox@hotmail.com
Date: 12 Oct 1999
Time: 15:54:03
Remote Name:


I've read a lot of the internet connection and network connectivity in this site and it's is informative and great. It helps build my knowledge. I thank you. I have one question though, I'm using a cable modem (2 way) to connect to my main pc. I have two other PCs that need to be connected on it and your "How to" guide for the Win98 SE ICS seems to be my only quick and dummy proof solution to do this. Sure I might be able to view the web and receive email and such, but one of the things I like doing on the web are playing on line games vs other people. Take Half Life or Quake ver x.x for example. As a first person shooter you can go online and play against or with other people. Once I connect using ICS, will I be able to play online on the "proxy server" (meaning the main computer that has the ICS enabled) and/or the workstations? Please advice, for I plan to also build a game server. I thank you again for the knowledge that you have provided us. Thanks!!

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