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Re: Networking in Win9x/Dos mode

From: Larry
Date: 05 Oct 1999
Time: 09:33:10
Remote Name:


Corey, it can be done. I've done it with 95 and 98 to make DOS network disks for bench work; but it is quite involved. Last time I did it, I used the client generation software available on the Windows NT 4.0 server CD. As I recall, after generating the client it took quite a bit of figiting to get everything on a single floppy and to make it work. It would be a substatntial piece of work to describe the entire process. I could make operational floppies if I had your network adapter, software, and copy of NT or other source for the client software, but I would have to charge for the time. See our Services page. Larry My youngest brother is named Corey.

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