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Windows XP Restore
Last updated: 5/7/02

Q.  How can one recover from Windows XP problems caused by installing new software, drivers, etc?

A.  In this particular case, the user experienced an aborted Zone Alarm install which put the computer in a Windows Restart loop...  the computer would boot to Windows, show the desktop, etc., flash a blue error screen, and then restart Windows.  This procedure should be useful for solving many other software and driver installation problems.

Simply Start in the Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key when Windows XP is about to start-up, wait for the menu with the Yes to start in the Safe Mode and No to Recover from a Restore point, choose No, and restore from the most recent restore point just before the software change. This procedure is not supposed to change user data and can be reversed (according to Windows XP).

Windows Me has a similar capability.

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Windows FAQ Index

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