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Restoring From Files Made With Old Versions of MSBACKUP
Last updated: 12/21/01

Q.  How can I recover some old files that were backed-up with the old version of MSBACKUP?  Details from original question: I am trying to recover some old files that were created with MSBACKUP version from Win 3.1. I now use Win ME and have already installed the new version of MSBACKUP. The problem is that when I try to recover the files from floppies, the "new" MSBACKUP does not recognize them. Files are in the form CC70106A.001 where .001 is the volume number. Can you help me telling me how can I recover my old (and important) files?

A.  I’m not sure this is the right version of msbackup or that it will work; but looks like the old Win 3.x msbackup and I was able to get it to run in a DOS Window in Windows Me…

  • Open your browser.
  • Enter the following into the Address box: ftp.microsoft.com/softlib/MSLFILES/msback.exe
  • Save it to a new folder with nothing else in it when prompted.
  • Open a DOS Window in Windows 98/98SE/Me and change drive/directory to the drive and directory with the extracted files; e.g.,


D:\>cd oldbak


  • Type


to extract files.

  • Do NOT execute the install.bat file that is among the files extracted. Instead, type:


You are now on your own. I did not go further. More things might be required if the backup files are compressed. I’d like to know if it worked and this info may be useful to other readers.  Footnote:  It worked.  Larry

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