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Extracting Files From the Windows CD .cab Files
Last updated: 11/16/01

Q.  Is there an easy way to extract files from the Windows 98, 98SE, and Me CDs?

A.  Yes.

Windows 98: Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information, Tools, File Checker, Extract one file form installation disk, enter the file name (e.g., HPSJVXD.VXD) in Start, Restore from… browse to D:\win98 where D: is your CD-ROM drive, Ok, Save File… Browse to C:\Windows \system, OK, OK, close.

 Windows Me: Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information, Tools, System Configuration Utility, Extract file, enter hpsjvxd.vxd, Start, …  same as above...

If you don't have the CD, you may find the .cab files on your hard disk drive at:

Windows 98/98SE: C:\windows\options\cabs
Windows Me: C:\windows\options\install

Search for them.  They may be somewhere else on the drive.  A .cab file is a compressed a collection of files ending with a .cab file name extension, and commonly used by Microsoft to distribute software.  There are other ways to extract them...

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