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Last updated: 6/3/02

Q.  How did you go about getting links to your web site?

A.   Spend your time writing good quality content that people want to read and the links will follow in good time.  I did ask for some links from quality sites (quite a few didn't even respond), but don't waste your time playing the link swap game.  I understand that if you have links on junk/irrelevant sites (those that have hundreds or thousands of links, have a program that allows you to create a link to your site on their site, etc.), the search engines will actually lower your rating.  Those links are worthless anyway.  Don't start putting garbage on your links page. If you find a good site that your readers would be interested in, link to it. If you find a good site that is relevant to yours, ask for a link. I do not link to every site that asks for one.  Yes, I did sneak some links into some forums (as you found out, I don't allow that), but they didn't produce much.

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