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Webmaster Questions
Last updated: 6/3/02

How to add a P3P compact privacy policy to the http headers for a web site running on an Apache web server and p3p privacy policy links.

How did you go about getting links to your web site?

Where is the biggest portion of your web site visitors coming from?

Search engines are proving not to be a reliable source for web site visitors these days.  What is your experience?

Are you hosting your web site or paying some web hosting company?

I thought about putting some advertising on my pages to help cover costs, but I am not sure who to go with... ?

Q. Any additional suggestions?

A. Get a .com domain name before your site gets much larger. It will be very difficult to switch later on.  Think about that name.  It has to be unique, should be short, easy to spell, and something people can associate with and remember.

Don't waste a lot of time time with keywords.  I stopped putting that meta tag on my pages.

Do not bother with hit counters. You'll end-up wasting a lot of time watching them if they provide real-time results.

Work.  Like most everything that is good in life, work, patience, and quality are what count in the long run.  But, of course, I do not have all of the answers. Some sites grow to the size of mine in weeks or months. I've been working on mine for over four years.  Larry

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