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Windows XP and the NetBEUI Network Protocol
Last updated: 3/28/03

Q.  How can I install the NetBEUI protocol in Windows XP?

A.  Windows XP does not support NetBEUI (mskb 306059, The NetBEUI Protocol Is Not Available in Windows XP); however, mskb 301041, How to Install NetBEUI on Windows XP, at tells how to install it.  Mskb 301041 must be there for a reason.  Here's how:

Start, Control Panel, Network Connections, Right-Click an existing connection, Properties, General tab, Install, Protocol, Add, Have Disk, insert the Windows XP CD-ROM, open the Valueadd\msft\net\netbeui folder, double-click the Netnbf.inf file, OK, OK, and restart Windows when prompted.

But, hold one a minute...  After I wrote this FAQ I discovered that when Windows XP is on a network with Windows 9X/Me computers running NetBEUI, the two main flavors of Windows could not converse.

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