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How to Fix Winsock Problems In Windows 9x/Me
Last updated: 5/28/04

Q.  I can ping a computer on the Internet with it's IP address, but I cannot connect with my browser.  How do I fix this problem?


Step 1: right-click the Network Neighborhood/(Places, Win Me), Properties, Select the TCP/IP bound to the network adapter, DNS configuration, and verify that it is the same as the other computer. I believe all boxes should be blank. Also, verify that the IP Address is set to Obtain automatically. A work around at this point would be to enable DNS and enter the DNS addresses, etc. used by your ISP, if you ISP does not assign them automatically.

Step 2: Run the diagnostics that came with the network adapter in the affected computer. If the MAC address is FFFFFFFFFFFF. TCP/IP cannot resolve addresses for adapters with this MAC address and it usually indicates a bad adapter. Replace it.

Step 3: Run winipcfg.exe (Start, Run…) and select the network adapter. If the Mac address is now FFFFFFFFFFFF and it wasn’t before there may be an IRQ problem.

Step 4: Remove and reinstall all instances of dial-up networking.

Step 5: If you have Windows XP run Winsock XP Fix.

Step 6: Click Start, Find, Files and Folders, and enter wsock32.dll in the Name box.  If there more than one file by that name is found, rename all copies to something else except the one in C:\windows\system.

Step 7: Boot you computer to the safe mode and rename all three winsock files (winsock.dll, wsock32.dll, and wsock.vxd). Extract fresh versions of these files from the Windows CD using the Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information, System File Checker (or something like that; I’m running Win Me).

Step 8: Remove the Winsock 2 update by running the C:\Windows\Ws2bakup\Ws2bakup.bat.

Step 9: Windows 98: (last resort and not for most newbies): Back up important user data. Use notepad and cut and past the following into a tcp.bat file:

ren winsock.dll winsock.old
ren rnaapp.exe rnaapp.eex
ren splitter.vxd splitter.dxv
ren vgateway.vxd vgateway.dxv
ren pppmac.vxd pppmac.dxv
ren wsock.vxd wsock.dxv
ren spap.vxd spap.dxv
ren rnasetup.dll rnasetup.lld
ren rnathunk.dll rnathunk.lld
ren rasapi16.dll rasapi16.lld
ren rasapi32.dll rasapi32.lld
ren smmscrpt.dll smmscrpt.lld
ren smmsetup.dll smmsetup.lld
ren rnaserv.dll rnaserv.lld
ren wsock32.dll wsock32.lld
ren rnaui.dll rnaui.lld
ren rnanp.dll rnanp.lld
ren rnaph.dll rnaph.lld
ren vdhcp.386 vdhcp.683
ren vnbt.386 vnbt.683
ren vtcp.386 vtcp.683
ren vtdi.386 vtdi.683
ren vudp.386 vudp.683
ren vip.386 vip.683
cd progra~1\access~1
ren slipmenu.scp slipmenu.old
ren slip.scp slip.old
cd windows\inf
ren netcli.inf netcli.fni
ren netservr.inf netservr.fni
ren net.inf net.fni
ren nettrans.inf nettrans.fni
ren netppp.inf netppp.fni
ren rna.inf rna.fni
ren drvdata.bin drvdata.old
ren drvidx.bin drvidx.old

Boot Windows to the safe mode, open a DOS window, and run tcp.bat from C:\

Put the win 98 CD in the CD-ROM drive, and Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Information> Tools> File checker and extract the following from D:\win98, where D: is your CD-ROM drive, to the locations indicated:

To C:\windows\system
To C:\windows\inf
To C:\windows

If it doesn't work, reinstall the IE upgrade. If it still doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall all networking components (I had to).

This step is a modification of the one presented in Microsoft Knowledgebase Article ID: ID: Q181599. Without the article number, the article is quite difficult to find. My variation of the procedure is much easier to implement. Do it at your own risk.

Copyright, Disclaimer, and Trademark Information Copyright © 1996-2006 Larry F. Byard.  All rights reserved. This material or parts thereof may not be copied, published, put on the Internet, rewritten, or redistributed without explicit, written permission from the author.