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Joining Broken CAT 5/5e Network Cable
Last updated: 5/20/01

Q. Can I just join a broken CAT5 cable by soldering the parts back together?

A.  Soldering may cause problems.  CAT 5 cable insulation melts extremely fast even with low wattage irons.  The wires cannot be untwisted more than inch total.  Use shrink wrap if you try soldering.  Radio Shack carries it.  I would crimp an RJ-45 plug on each end of the broken cable and “glue” them back together with a CAT 5 coupler.  Black Box and many others sell the couplers.  Be sure the coupler and plugs are rated for CAT 5 or 5e and that the plugs match the type of cable.  There are plugs for stranded core and solid core cables.   Horizontal runs are supposed to be solid core and can be up to 90 meters long (100 meters if connected directly from a hub or switch to a PC).  The coupler may effectively reduce this length somewhat, but I do not think so.

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