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Missing Network Adapter Setup File/Driver
Last updated: 3/7/02

Q.  How do I install a network adapter when Windows keeps stating that it needs a file from the network adapter floppy (or the Windows CD) to continue, but still cannot find the file/driver when I insert the requested disk?

A.  This problem occurs frequently during network adapter (and other expansion board) installations.  One thing you don't want to do is skip installation of the file.  It is most likely on one of the floppies/CD that came with the network adapter, on the Windows CD, or already on your hard disk drive.  And setup may be asking for the wrong disk (yes, it often lies) or looking in the wrong directory (folder) on the disk (due, most likely, to an error in the configuration/.ini file or in the Windows registry).  You have to help Windows find it.  Choose Specify a location for Setup look for the file and Browse it to likely locations, which include:

1.  The root (A:\) directory of the floppy (ies)/CD that came with the adapter (or motherboard if the network function is on the motherboard.

2.  At a subdirectory on the floppy that conforms to the version of Windows you are using.

3. To the Windows 9x/Me cab files (compressed files containing one or more files) that may be on your hard disk drive.  In Windows 95 OSR2 and up and 98 they are often stored in C:\windows\options\cabs.  Look in C:\windows\options\install or C:\windows\options\cabs in Windows Me.  If the file is in one of the cab files, setup should find and extract it automatically.

4. The file could be in C:\windows\system, especially if the adapter has been installed before.

5. Finally dig-out your Windows CD and point setup to D:\win9x, D: is your CD-ROM drive and x conforms to your version of Windows (or 8 for Me).

If none of these locations work, you could hunt for it with the search function in the Windows Explorer.  If that fails, I would suggest going to the network adapter manufacturer's web site and looking for an explanation/download updated drivers.

Don't skip the file.


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