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Maximum TCP Bindings in widows 95, 98, 98 SE, and Me
Last updated: 2/25/02

Q.  By default, how many TCP bindings (instances) can one have in a Windows 9X network configuration and how can it be changed?

A.  A TCP binding is an association of the TCP/IP protocol with a network adapter.  That is, the number of instances of TCP/IP in Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, Configuration.  The stock answer used to be four (4), but I have seen various answers to the question on the Internet and differences in various documents in Microsoft's Knowledge Base.

In any event the the number of permissible instances of TCP/IP can be altered by changing the MaxInstance entry under the MSTCP protocol in the Nettrans.inf file in the Windows\Inf folder with a text editor such as notepad.  Note that the maximum number for this entry is 8 in Windows 95/98/98SE and 10 in Windows Millennium.

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