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How to Automate the Windows 9X/Me Logon to a Windows NT/2000 Network Domain

Q.  How do I automate a Windows 9X/Me logon to a Windows NT (and Windows 2000, Linux) Windows network domain?

A. Start>Control Panel>Passwords>Windows Password>Uncheck Microsoft Networking>
Ok>Enter the NT password in Old Password or whatever your Windows password is>
Make the New Password and Confirm Password fields blank>OK>
Double click Network>Client for Microsoft Networks>check Logon to Windows NT domain>enter the domain name>
Ok>change Primary Network Logon to Windows Logon>Ok>
Reboot when prompted>at the Logon Window enter the password to logon to the NT domain account>check Remember password.
When you reboot again everything should be automated; you will not see the Windows logon, but if you have mapped drives, you will probably see Windows connect to them in a flash. 

See also: How can I disable the Windows logon when Windows 9x/Me boots-up?

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