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Gaming... IPX/SPX prototcol... Error: Network inaccessible?

Q.  I am trying to setup a peer-to-peer network.  I have Two Win98 PCs with D-Link DFE-530TX NICs and an RJ-45 CAT 5 Crossover cable connecting them.  Only IPX/SPX is installed for gaming and file sharing between the PCs.  One PC has  TCP/IP for the Internet.  As soon as I open Entire Network, I get the error message saying Network is inaccessible.  Both PCs are set with the same frame-type "Ethernet 802.3" and the same Network-Address "10."  What is wrong?

A.  Use the MicroSoft IPX/SPX, not Novell's, and leave all of the settings default.

Also see Internet Connection Sharing FAQ

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