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DHCP Server Status
Last updated: 8/25/01

Q. How can I tell if a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server is running/working on my network?

A. Windows 98 Resource Kit On Line, Chapter 15: “DHCP allows you to establish a range of valid IP addresses to be used per subnetwork [,… comprise a subnetwork]. An individual IP address from the range is assigned dynamically to any DHCP client requesting an address. DHCP also allows you to establish a lease time that defines how long an IP address is to remain valid. Other configuration parameters can also be assigned using DHCP, such as subnet mask, DNS and WINS server identification, and so on.”

Windows 8X/Me: Click Start, Run, enter winipcfg, click the More Info >> button, select the appropriate network adapter, and see if there is anything in the DHCP Server box. Click release followed by renew to test the DHCP server.

Windows 2000 and NT (and probably Windows XP): Start, Run, enter cmd, and type the following in the resulting DOS window:

C:>ipconfig /all


C:>ipconfig /?

For additional ipconfig commands such as those used to release and renew the IP lease. Ipconfig also works with Windows 9X/Me.

Most Routers, Windows 98SE/Me/2000 Pro Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) have DHCP Servers.

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