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How to Share Windows 2000/NT Drives
Last updated: 5/16/02

Q.  How does one share a drive or folder in Windows 2000 (or NT 4.0) with other computers on a Windows network?

A.  When a $ sign is the last character of a share name, which it is by default, a shared drive or folder is hidden from browsing over the network, will not be seen in the Network Neighborhood/My Network Places (it can, however, be mapped).   To add a new share name, do this, step-by-step…

Logon as the Administrator or as a member of the Administrators, Server Operators, or Power Users groups
Open the Windows Explorer
Expand My Computer to the C: drive
Click the C: drive with the right button on your mouse
Select Sharing
Click the New Share button at the bottom, right of the resulting window
Enter the following in the Share Name box:
Click the Permissions Button
Select Everyone
Check the desired boxes
Click OK
Click OK
Click the down arrow to the right of the Share name box
Select C (not C$)
Click the Apply button at the bottom (this is where people usually muck up)

The process is similar for Windows NT 4.0.  The maximum allowed users in the User Limit is 10 for Windows 2000 Pro.

Depending on the sophistication of your security configuration, you may also have to activate the Guest account on 2000 Pro computers for simple networks... Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, System Tools, Local Users and Groups, Users, Guest, General tab and uncheck Account is disabled, if it is, and uncheck User must change password at next logon.  In the Member of tab, Add, and add appropriate groups.  For a small network with no real security, you would probably add Users.  Larry

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