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Motherboard Minimal Bootable Configuration
Last updated: 1/28/2001

Q.  What is the Minimal Bootable Configuration for most motherboards?

A.  Most motherboards will boot with the following minimum configuration:

  • CPU installed
  • CPU fan installed and connected to the power supply or motherboard, depending on the type of fan.  (Athlon and Duron processors will become crispy fries within seconds if an operational fan is not installed.)
  • Memory installed
  • Display adapter
  • Power connected. Many ATX power supplies have a separate power switch on the back of the supply, which must be on. The 110/220 volt switch on the back of most power supplies must be in the correct position. And, of course, the power cord must be plugged into the power supply and a good wall outlet.
  • Power-on from the front panel connected (and the button pushed once).
  • Jumpers set correctly.
  • I also connect the loud speaker so I can hear any beep codes.

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