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Does Windows Internet Connection Sharing Work with DSL?

Q.  I read the article on your website about the win98 ICS internet sharing instructions. You said this does not work with internal, one-way cable MODEM, does it work with DSL?

A.  It should work with DSL (or UADSL, Universal Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line).  Microsoft says it does.  I don't have UADSL to test it.  It is also supposed to work with two-way cable MODEMs.  I had a internal, one-way cable MODEM and ICS did not work with it.  I now have an external Surfboard SB2100D one-way cable MODEM with an integral dial-up MODEM.  It interfaces to a PC with a network adapter.  ICS does work with it, but you need two network adapters in the PC which is connected to the cable MODEM, one for the cable MODEM and one for the Local Area Network.  Click here for instructions on how to it.

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