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Internet Connection Sharing Configuration
Last updated: 4/22/01

Q.  How do I get around the SMC Barricade broadband router firewall to use Dialpad or other Internet phones?

A.  For Dialpad and PC-to-Phone: With your browser connect to (or whatever IP address you may have assigned to the Barricade), login, click Special AP In Special AP, click the down arrow in Popular applications, choose the desired service, choose an unused ID, and click the Copy to button.  If Dial-pad does not work, try

Incoming Ports 5354,7175,8680-8890,9000,9450-9460 (this is according to Dialpad’s FAQs).

Other services… connect to support at the appropriate web site, determine the required port for incoming (if anyTrigger) and outgoing, and enter manually.  Barricade firmware version R1.92a.

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