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Hard Disk Drive Diagnostics/Utilities
Last updated: 10/14/04

Q. What do you use to test hard disk drives?

A. I usually use the hard disk drive manufacturer's diganostics to check drives. They may also repair them. Most can also be used to completely wipe a hard disk to cure viruses and master boot record/partition problems.

Hitachi (Also bought IBM's hard disk drive drive business some time ago.)

Maxtor Powermax (bought Quantum)

Seagate DiscWizard Starter Edition

Western Digital DLG Diagnostic. WD's Data Lifeguard Tools V. 11.0 are also useful; e.g., the drive copy utility can be used to clone an old drive to a new one.

Toshiba and Samsung: I leave these and any others as an exercise for the reader.

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