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Last updated: 5/1/07

During bootup my computer hangs at "Verifying DMI pool data." What is it and how do I fix it?

Q.  I was trying to upgrade my computer.  When I powered up, I got a long beep followed by 2 short beeps.  What have I done?

A.  That Award BIOS beep code indicates that your video card is probably not fully seated or your monitor is not properly plugged into it. Check the monitor to be sure the plug has no bent pins, it is plugged-in, and not the cause of the problem  If you still get the beeps, turn off your computer (also unplug the power cord if you have an ATX motherboard), make sure the video board is properly screwed to the chassis, and then evenly push-down on it to fully seat it in the AGP or PCI slot.  In many cases the front of the board has popped-up a little. You may have to remove and reinstall the board. If you still have a problem and you have a PCI video board, try plugging it into different PCI slot.  If that fails, try a different video board; test the video board in another computer.  Award beep codes and error messages.

Q. What causes a non-system disk error?

Q. How do I access the CMOS setup utility for a Compaq computer?

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